“A friend, a real friend, someone you love and trust, is going to tell you all the things you do not want to know about yourself.  A friend tells you when you are right and helps you understand how you could be wrong. A friend will yell and scream, but when you need him, he is there. A friend is someone you cannot and do not lie to. She knows your secrets and holds them in confidence. A friend never judges, yet will let you know when you are doing it “again”. A friend sees your mistakes and, without covering them up, steers you in another direction. A friend pushes you, shoves you and drives you real hard. Just when you think you are about to break, he whips out the Band-Aids, patches you up and starts pushing again. A friend always says things that make no sense until you hear a stranger say the same thing. A friend is someone you can look at and see yourself and know you are really going to be all right.”

Iyanla Vanzant,  Acts of Faith