Healthy, radiant, even-toned brown skin is an undeniable asset. Not only is it unique, it ages well and is less susceptible to skin cancer.

Maintenance is relatively easy.

Treat it gently and lovingly. It is your body’s largest organ.

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin blemish free and moisturized.

Eat a variety of fresh fruits & veggies for natural vitamins and minerals.

Use simple and/or natural products to prevent irritation and discoloration.

Apply skin-type appropriate cleanser 2x per day, upon rising and before bed and skin-type appropriate moisturizer with sunscreen daily.

Treat yourself to a facial or spa treatment every now and again. Better still, minimize stress and get proper rest.

And finally, our glowing skin deserves attention so flaunt it . . . shamelessly 🙂