1. Petal Collection

Method 1: Collect the petals when the flower is fully open but before the petals turn brown. Lay each petal on a screen  and place the screen where the petals will get plenty of ventilation yet out of direct sunlight. Stir the petals occasionally so that they dry evenly. Note, the petals must be crispy-dry or they may mold.  This method may take a few weeks to complete.


Method 2: Before the petals turn brown, tie the stems together and hang the entire bouquet upside down to dry. Place the bouquet in a dark ventilated dry place so it does not mildew. It may take a few weeks to a month for the roses to become dry and brittle. Gently pluck off the petals for your project or use the flowers intact.

2. Fixative

For each quart of petals you use, add 1 tablespoon fixative. Fixatives absorb and retain fragrance and without adequate fixative, the potpourri will go flat pretty quickly. Dry lavender, oak moss, sandalwood and orris root are all good choices to use as fixative. Orris root can be found in drug stores and sandalwood or dried lavender can be found in many herb shops. These items may also be found in craft or hobby shops.

3. Enhancing

Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, dried citrus peel and vanilla beans are all complementary to the scent of rose petals.  Add some of these items along with a few drops of rose scented essential oil to enhance the look, texture, and aroma of your potpourri.
4. Setting

Seal your potpourri in a jar and shake it lightly to blend. Allow the potpourri set for 10 days so that the scents blend and settle. Shake lightly every other day in order to distribute the scent throughout the mixture.

5. Finale

When it’s ready, make small sachets by placing a small handful of the potpourri in a lace or linen handkerchief or other delicate fabric and tie the four corners with a satin bow or ribbon. Or layer the potpourri in a glass container, a ceramic jar, a basket, or a fancy dish.

Hint: Placing the potpourri near a heat source causes the perfume to expand in the warm air and fill the room with fragrance.