You either like yourself or you don’t.

Take a moment to honestly consider this.  Do you like yourself on a deep and very personal level?

Whether or not you are honest with yourself, whatever you present to the world reflects your self-respect or the lack thereof.

The path of self-respect:

Know yourself and be true to whomever you are.

What are your principles, personality, and talents? Does your life reflect these things? If not, now is the perfect time to take steps to incorporate your truths into your own life.

Take care of your body and pride in your appearance.

Are you healthy? Do you strive to look your best everyday? If not, please understand that it is human nature to make assumptions about a person based solely on appearance. Choose your stand wisely.

Respect others.

Treat each person in the way that you want to be treated until that person gives you a reason not to.

Dismiss jealousy.

How does another person’s success or failure affect who you are? It probably doesn’t. Focus on your own life.

Learn to either apply or discard criticism.

First and foremost, do not take criticism personally. Instead, see it as information. If the information is useful to improving your life, use it. If not, discard it.

Accept no disrespect.

When you respect yourself, you understand that you are never deserving of anyone’s disrespect. Simply, remove yourself from the presence of any person, place, or thing which does not respect you.

Practice forgiveness and gratitude.

Learn the lesson and move on from past mistakes and difficult situations. Appreciate what you have and always remember to give thanks.