Healthy, strong nails help your hands look young and vibrant.

Keeping your hands pretty and well cared for does more than add style to your appearance. Your hands say a lot about you and well-groomed hands make a good impression. Further, regular maintenance keeps you prepared for all occasions.

To maintain naturally beautiful nails just give them a simple manicure on a regular basis. A diet which includes plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetables eliminates most nail maladies and will keep your nails healthy from the inside out.

A Natural Manicure

Currently, the most feminine look for nails is a sort of rounded off Squoval. Typically, the Squoval sports a nail length of about 1/8″ beyond the fingertip and is shaped like a square with slightly rounded corners – a square oval. Ideally, your nail should mimic the shape of your cuticle so the nail looks balanced. A rounded off Squoval fits the bill perfectly. This nail shape elongates the fingers and gives the hands an overall graceful appearance.

Nails need not be painted to be feminine. Well cared for healthy nails are quite attractive.


If your nails need to be trimmed, cut them straight across with nail scissors or clippers.

Using an emery board, lightly file nails straight across, rounding the corners. File from the outside to the center of the nail and always file nails in one direction. Filing back and forth can cause ridges and splits.

*Be sure that your emery board is clean and still effective. It should be able to shape your nails in a few strokes otherwise get a new one.

Use a buffer to remove ridges from the nails. A buffer will smooth out and shine the nail surface. This also stimulates circulation beneath the nails spurring nail growth. You can skip buffing if you’re going to polish your nails.

*Avoid buffers made for use on acrylic nails. The grit is much too coarse and harsh for natural nails.

*Avoid filing or buffing your nails after a shower or bath, as they will be too soft. This can cause the nail to flake.


Rest hands in a bowl of warm, soapy water for five minutes. If the nails are yellow or stained from constant use of polish, add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice to the water to correct the discoloration.

After hands are dry, if necessary, use a soft cloth to gently push back your cuticle.

With a medium grit emery board or pumice stone, gently file away existing hangnails and/or the rough, dry skin where hangnails occur. Be careful not to wear the skin away to the point of soreness or bleeding. Afterward, apply an oil or moisturizer to the cuticle and skin along the sides of the nail.

*Avoid cutting or clipping cuticles and hangnails. The cuticle is necessary for protecting delicate nail bed tissues. Problems with the cuticle and hangnails are generally due to dryness and/or lack of care.

Moisturize + Soften

Apply a rich moisturizer to dry hands to nourish and moisturize the skin.