The natural feminine form is generally rounder and more curvy than the physique of a man. Our bodies are softer in appearance and this is a good thing. Play it up!

One very easy way to present a more feminine appearance is to wear what men do not. Beyond the obvious dresses and skirts, begin to view other garments with a more discerning eye. Pay attention to the details and then the item’s color.

Take shirts for example.

These three are essentially men’s shirts despite the colors. Note the details of each shirt. The collars, button down fronts, and chest pockets are all typical of men’s shirts. Other than the contrasting print on the sleeve, the first shirt is very typical of a men’s casual shirt. The same is true for the third shirt. The shirt in the middle could be considered an adapted garment (see below). However, the alterations (thinner material, fewer buttons, and nipped waist) advertise sexuality rather than femininity.

These are examples of adapted shirts. All three of these tops are typical of men’s garments however they’ve been altered just a bit to appear more feminine. The first has a typical men’s shirt collar but includes gathers accentuating the waist, attractive 3/4 length sleeves, and is pink in color. The second top is a typical neutral colored tee-shirt. However, it is fitted, the neckline and sleeves are decidedly more feminine, and it includes some beading and a very cute rose applique. Last is a tank top and unfortunately, it is gray in color. However, this one does include a jeweled neckline which adds a touch of femininity.

These three are women’s garments. The first top could be said to resemble a men’s tunic. However, the cut of the neckline and sleeves, the bold pattern, the lightweight fabric, and the shiny decoration make it purely feminine. Neither the second nor the third tops can be mistaken for men’s garments. Both contain purely feminine details and are in feminine color.

Wear clothes that highlight, rather than diminish or expose, your beautiful feminine form. It sets you apart from men . . . and women who don’t have a clue 🙂