Flowers freshen up a space instantly!

Be creative and arrange your flowers to please your eye. Arrangements need not be large, prominent, or expensive. Small groupings or simply a single flower can be quite elegant. And flowers can be found in every price range – from free wild flowers to exotic varietals found in high-end floral boutiques.

A few tips:

Always cut stems with a sharp knife or scissors. A sharp, even cut is necessary to allow water and nutrients to enter the flower stems.

Select an appropriate location. Heat, from any source, will quickly wilt your flowers.

Monitor the water level and change the water often. Keep your flowers supplied with fresh water. If the water becomes cloudy, this is a sign of a bacteria. You will need to both clean the container and change the water.

**Using very cold water or adding an ice-cube or two will extend the life of your flowers.

Happy decorating!