Sensual – of or pleasing to the corporeal senses; relating to the body rather than the mind or spirit; very often confused with sexual. clarification – Having your hair washed (touch), enjoying a bubble bath with scented candles (smell, touch), and eating a decadent dessert (taste, smell) are all examples of sensual experiences. Where each may or may not lead is another topic but none is intercourse.

Sensuality affects the way that you speak and move, your demeanor, and your approach to life in general. Get in touch with what is sensual for you and incorporate more of it in your life.

Listen. Take note of the sounds that you are exposed to on a daily basis. Try to limit noise as it causes stress. Envelope yourself in the soothing sounds of nature, peaceful, melodic music, or simply peace and quiet. More importantly, speak no evil or remove yourself when and where it is spoken by others.

The sense of smell. The most enjoyable scents are subtle and often catch you by surprise. Experiment with aromatherapy and make use of scented oils, lotions, candles or incense. Even more powerful, cook up a great dish!

Taste. Are you enjoying fresh, healthy, flavorful foods? Elevate your sense of taste and increase your health in the process.

Ooh, the sense of touch. Plush fabrics and high quality silks and cottons all immediately come to mind. However, smooth, soft skin and impeccable grooming are closer at hand. Either way, both cause you to want to touch and be touched.

What’s in sight? Women absolutely thrive in beauty. Neat and clean is a given. Attractive and appropriate dress, proper carriage, and grace lift you to new heights. Lovely, comfortable furnishings in your home with elegant touches throughout help solidify your place there.

Add some simple pleasures to your day and enjoy!