Femininity and sexuality are two different things.

Attractive outfits which accentuate the female form are feminine. A degree of modesty indicates a certain level of self-respect. Besides, a little mystery is attractive. It keeps ’em guessing!

Attractive outfits which reveal the female form are sexy. A lack of modesty, especially in public, indicates a lower level of self-respect. It will draw attention but so will most accidents.

Regardless of what you believe your level of self-respect to be, the way in which you present yourself to the world will be judged and you will be treated according to the previous statements.

Be cognizant of this and choose wisely.

Balance is Key

In the examples below, there are no extremes on either end. Each of these dresses is current fashion and attractive. However, some are more modest than others.

Tips: If the neckline is low, opt for a fuller skirt with a lower hemline (navy and light pink dresses). Or, if  the hemline is high, opt to cover the chest (hot pink and yellow dresses). Both a low neckline and high hemline are appropriate in lingerie to be worn in private rather than clothing to be worn in public (green dress).