Scents have the wonderful ability to alter mood. In doing so, aromas can relax, balance, and perhaps even heal. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for these purposes.

Essential oil is the natural aroma concentrated liquid extracted from stems, leaves, flowers, roots, etc.  It is the essence of the plant. The vitality of the plant can be preserved through non-toxic means of extraction such as distillation and mechanical expression (cold-pressed). Better quality essential oils are created this way.

Because essential oils are concentrated, for aromatherapy purposes, only small amounts need to be used.

For applying to the skin, dilute the essential oil in a carrier or base oil as pure essential oil may irritate the skin. A carrier oil is also a botanically derived oil. Common examples are sweet almond, jojoba, and grape seed.

For a bath, add only a few drops to the water.

For freshening a room, add a few drops to water in a bottle and spray; add a few drops to steaming water in a pot; or add just a few drops to a diffuser.

There are dozens of recipes to be found and all in every combinations imaginable. However, aromatherapy is individual. What smells great to one may not smell great to another. Experiment. Come up with your own recipes.

Be creative!