One of the truest indicators of your level of self-esteem and confidence is the ability to graciously give and receive compliments. Anyone can notice the good in another person but it takes a healthy self-esteem and confidence to voice it to that person.

When giving compliments, offer only sincere thoughts. Insincere comments reek of flattery and will turn people off. Your observation should be simple, specific, and unrehearsed to ring true.  And, if spoken in front of others, your compliment’s validity is increased.

The proper way to accept a compliment is to simply smile and say thank you. You can return the compliment by remarking how much it means to you. However, discounting, denying or questioning the compliment is very poor form. It both negates the complimenter’s favorable opinion of you and calls your self-esteem into question.

Look for the good in others and compliment them on it. What you project out will come back to you. And when it does, smile and say thank you.

Enjoy your day!