It’s not truly dead. Unfortunately, some modern women find chivalry demeaning and have been very vocal about it. This has caused the practice to be almost abandoned. It can be reignited. Men like feminine women and a feminine woman appreciates the finer things in life. And she definitely appreciates chivalry.

Historically, chivalry meant knightly virtues such as courtesy, valor, and skill in combat. It was a mark of a man’s character. The same is true now. A man performing acts of chivalry today shows good manners as well as respect for himself and others around him.

Modern chivalry, as it relates to women, can be summed up as genuine action which demonstrates that a man considers a woman to be special. Pay attention and use your intuition. You’ll be able to discern whether or not an act has strings attached. Regardless, say thank you for any deed performed to your benefit.


Your date comes to your door to pick you up for dates. If this is inappropriate or you’re meeting him, when parting he either delivers you to your door or hires a cab for you. This indicates his concern for your safety from your home to his care or as the case may be.

Your date or mate offers you his jacket when it’s chilly or rainy; he holds the umbrella; or, he has you wait while he retrieves the car. These acts show care for your comfort.

Your date introduces you to friends or acquaintances whom he encounters while the two of you are together; he ensures that you are seated before he sits; and he switches his cell phone off while you’re dining. These are examples of basic good manners and they show respect for you.

The man who you’re walking with walks on the outside (the side closest to the street). This protects you from traffic.

A man entering a doorway just ahead of or behind you holds the door open for you. This is courteous and shows good manners.

The man with whom you’re having a conversation takes care to mind his language. This demonstrates intelligence and respect for you, others, and mostly himself.

Just remember that society being what it is these days, men may not automatically do all of these things. If you want to be treated to acts of chivalry, you may have to request it. Take care to be courteous and appreciative when it comes. Because by your own words, deeds, and actions you are continuously teaching others how to treat you.