Proper undergarments help you to look your best. Ill fitted and inappropriate underwear make for a sloppy, lackadaisical appearance. Your undergarments should disappear under your clothing. It is not meant to be seen. It is meant to contribute to your polished image. 

Panties are the first line of defense against unflattering jiggle and unsightly bulges. Visible panties, textures, or panty lines indicate an inappropriate undergarment. Panties are not meant to be seen in any way. Tip: seamless boy shorts are the best for invisibility. 

A professionally fitted bra is a necessity for both the comfortable and flattering support of your bust line. Your bra, including the straps, should be virtually invisible under your clothing. Pain, soreness, spillage, or visible rolls of back fat indicate a poor fit or inappropriate garment. A professional fitting can alleviate all of these problems. Tip: having 2 or 3 convertible bras in neutral shades are indispensable. 

 A camisole is worn under a top or blouse for warmth or to provide support to the outer garment causing it to lay or hang most attractively. A camisole is absolutely necessary under a sheer or semi-sheer top. In this case, the undergarment will be seen. Be careful to select a style which fully covers the bra as it is not meant to be seen. 

Many women no longer have need for a slip as many skirts and dresses are lined. This is valid. Just keep in mind that a slip provides similar benefits of a camisole – warmth, outer garment support, and it limits the ability to see through clothing. 

While a shaper cannot replace a proper diet and exercise, the right undergarment can attractively contour your figure and it does so without visible seams! Shapewear is must for form-fitting garments regardless of your size. It will finish off your outfit like nothing else. 

Undergarments can make or break an outfit. There are so many styles and colors available. Experiment and find what works best for you. Take pride in your appearance and always remember to check the mirror before leaving the house.