Know what you want. Be able to state it plainly even if you wish to keep it to yourself. There is a tremendous amount of value in this knowledge. When you know what you want, you increase your odds of actually attaining it. Exactly like a road map, when you know both the beginning (where you are now) and end (where you want to be), you have the ability to plan a path to reach your destination.

Take action. You must take action. Take the necessary steps. Follow the appropriate path. A plan is nothing unless steps are steadily being taken. There is value in forward motion. While moving along your path, you will find that things work in your favor. You may meet the right person or come across the right information enabling you to move further along. Luck can indeed happen but your action will definitely move you closer to your desire.

Be proactive. Each person holds certain beliefs about their own life. Where you stand today shows what you believe about your self and your life, good or bad.

Think ahead. If you want to lose weight, chart a plan that includes where you want to be after you lose the weight. If you want a certain man, chart a plan that includes what happens after you get him. If you want a degree, chart a plan that includes what happens after you obtain it.

Make a habit of setting goals. They don’t have to be big ones. The ability to effectively set and achieve goals is a valuable asset to any woman.