Natural makeup enhances your feminine features. It is soft and subtle and gives the appearance of fresh, clean skin. More obvious and defined makeup may be more dramatic but it also gives the wearer a harsh or even hard appearance. And it certainly isn’t feminine.

Healthy, clear skin is your best asset. Not only is it beautiful, even toned skin allows you to omit concealer, foundation, and powder. To achieve a flawless base, click here.

The key is to achieving the look is to blend, blend, blend.

  1. Begin with clean and moisturized skin. Do not forget the sunscreen.
  2. Concealer is only for under eye circles. Select a shade slightly lighter than your natural tone and apply lightly.
  3. Foundation is for masking imperfections so it may not be necessary to cover the entire face. Select a shade which matches your skin tone and apply only a minimal amount. Hint: freckles and moles are beauty marks not imperfections. So you do not want to cover these.
  4. Set your foundation with a dusting of translucent powder.
  5. Groom your brows by brushing or smoothing them into place. Reserve plucking, tweezing, or clipping to brows that are overgrown or the occasional oddly placed stray hair. Full, naturally arched eyebrows indicate health and vitality whereas thin, artificially arched eyebrows indicate age or ill health. Your choice.

For color, stick with earth tones like brown, bronze, gold, or copper.

  1. Apply eye shadow to your entire lid. You can also apply it along your brow bone for a little drama.
  2. Smile and lightly apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Exfoliate lips, if necessary, by rubbing them with a wet toothbrush or wash cloth. Next, apply lip balm for moisture. Then stain the lips with color by dotting the color on and pressing the lips together to blend. Blot, if necessary and finish with a light gloss.
  4. Simply curl your eyelashes or apply a couple of coats of mascara. Remember to comb the lashes after the mascara is dry. Omit eye liner completely or use brown rather than black and apply it lightly.

At night, still in keeping with a feminine, subtle appearance, opt for more shimmer and a little bolder color. Think pink, plum, red, or chocolate applied lightly.

And remember to blend, blend, blend.