Strawberry Mint Julep



4 ounces stemmed strawberries

3 tablespoons thawed, frozen lemonade concentrate

1 teaspoon chopped mint leaves

1 cup crushed ice

1/4 cup sparkling water

strawberry slices, lemon slices, or mint sprigs (for garnish)


In blender combine the strawberries, lemonade, and mint. Blend until smooth. Add the ice and blend until smooth. Pour into sugar-rimmed glass. Top with sparkling water and mix lightly. Garnish glass with strawberry and lemon wheel. Serve with straws.

To rim the glass:

Put some lemon juice in a saucer.

Place a clean glass upside down on another saucer and pour sugar around the outer edge of the glass rim creating a circle. This is your sugaring template. *Use only superfine, ultra fine, bar, or bakers sugar.

Holding a glass upside down, dip the glass first into the lemon juice and then the sugar.

Tap the glass to remove any excess. Be sure to remove any sugar that found its way inside of the glass.

Serves 1 large or 2 small