The Top 5

Left hand in the lap and elbows off the table.

Swallow before drinking or speaking.

Pass rather than reach.

Use please and thank you at every opportunity.

And, when in doubt, watch others.

Service moves from left to right. Dishes are passed from left to right, you are served from your left, and your plate is removed from your right. * The salt and pepper are passed together. **Always taste before seasoning.

Place your napkin in your lap soon after you’re seated, leave it in your chair if you leave the table temporarily, and place it neatly to the left of your plate at the end of the meal.

Break bread rather than cut or bite from a roll or slice. Butter small pieces. *Reserve sopping for meals at home and very informal occasions.

Wait until others are served before you begin your meal.

When eating soup, spoon away from yourself (less chance of dribbling on your clothes). And, cut food one or two pieces at a time unless you’re cutting for a child.

Once a utensil is used, rest it in a plate, saucer, or bowl. If a utensil falls on the floor, leave it and ask for another. When you’ve finished your meal, place your knife and fork side by side in the center of your plate.

Tipping is mandatory. The current rate is 20%. This rate is lowered only if the service is poor.

Bon Apetit!