means to develop or achieve one’s full potential.

A self actualized woman

  • has the ability to reason, see truth, and perceive logically
  • accepts herself, others, and nature
  • is spontaneous, natural, and genuine
  • focuses on the problems of others and society but not overly so (in other words, is not self centered)
  • welcomes solitude and privacy
  • is autonomous and independent
  • appreciates the simple things
  • experiences sensations of “being in the zone”, exhilaration, or euphoria
  • feels kinship with all of mankind
  • forms deep and meaningful relationships
  • is democratic, open, and unprejudiced
  • possesses and employs strong ethics, good character, and solid values
  • enjoys a good sense of humor but not at the expense of others
  • is highly creative
  • is able to observe culture objectively and keep only that which is beneficial to herself and loved ones
  • is aware of her imperfections and is constantly seeking new ways to grow and learn