Banana or Rectangle –  Your waist, bust and hips are of similar proportions so your waist line appears less defined.

Your waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips or bust measurement.

Create the illusion of curves. Define your waist with bias cuts and angled seams. Or call attention to your bust line and go with a full, flared, poofy skirt.

Apple – You have broad shoulders, a full bust-line, and narrow hips. In other words, you appear to have more on the top than the bottom.

Your WHR is greater than 0.8.

Balance your upper and lower body. Keep your neckline simple and flattering (ex. v-neck, square or portrait) and de-emphasize your waist and lower body. Empire waist and sheath dresses work great for this. If you choose to accentuate your waist, your skirt must be full or flared to balance out your upper body.

Pear – You have narrow shoulders, a small bust and waist, and voluptuous hips, bottom, and thighs. In other words, you appear to have more on the bottom than the top.

Your WHR is 0.8 or less.

You also want to balance your upper and lower body. Decide which is more flattering to you – to accentuate or de-emphasize your bottom half.

To emphasize, go with a fitted (not tight) skirt which is the same color as the remainder of your ensemble and a top or jacket which balances the bottom (ex. structured shoulders, puffy sleeves, etc). Your jacket must end well above your widest point.

To de-emphasize, go with an empire waist with full skirt or a Marilyn Monroe type halter dress. These looks flatter the upper body and skim over the lower.

Hourglass – Your hips and bust are almost of equal proportions with a narrow waist.

Your WHR  is 0.8 or less and a bust measurement which is within two inches of your hip measurement.

Emphasize your curves without adding bulk so always accentuate your waist line. Belted and wrap dresses are very easy choices guaranteed to flatter.

**To determine waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), measure the narrowest point of the waist and widest point of the hips then divide the waist by the hips.