One of the reasons that I love fall is that I get to wear tights. They’re warm. They can inject a splash of color. And they add that finishing touch to an outfit.

I think that I’ll wear a pair today!

for care:
Put your hose on slowly – one leg at a time, beginning at the toe and working up. Take them off exactly the same way. Either neatly roll them up or fold them flat and store each pair separately. Sandwich bags are a cheap and easy solution.

Use mild detergent and cold water to wash your hosiery. Hand wash or use a lingerie bag and wash on gentle cycle in the washing machine. Rather than wringing, gently press out as much water as possible and hang them up to dry. Never iron, bleach, or put hose in the dryer.

quick tips:
Cotton or textured underwear can help keep hose from sliding.

Control top pantyhose are both stronger and more durable than regular hosiery.

Moisturize skin and groom nails to prevent snags. Or invest in a pair of simple cotton gloves used specifically for putting on and taking off hosiery.

To prevent runs, lightly mist your hose with hair spray (after you’ve put them on) to stiffen the fibers.

When all else fails, clear nail polish stops runs.

for style:
Hosiery that matches your skirt elongates your figure.
Sheer hose adds a touch of elegance.
Pair patterned tights with a solid color dress or suit and a closed toe pump for jazzy sophistication.
And finally, never pair dark hose with light-colored shoes.