Love and appreciate your body

You must be comfortable in your own skin. If your self-image is lacking, any attempt at sensuality will appear false.

Be in your body, not your head

Focus on what you are doing and feeling. Experience the moment totally. Forget the past and the future and live fully in the right now.

Try to recall taking a really good stretch after sleeping. The stretch may only last a couple of seconds but while it’s happening, you’re generally not thinking of anything else. You’re just enjoying stretching your muscles out as far as they’ll go and how great it feels to do that. This is what it means to be present – to experience the present moment fully.

Stimulate your senses everyday

Be and see pretty. Adorn yourself and your surroundings. Start small. Try a new lipstick shade and add gloss. Change the boring picture on your computer desktop to a gorgeous landscape or vibrant flowers.

Speak beauty and listen to that which enriches your spirit. Express gratitude daily even if only talking to self. Communicate clearly and pleasantly. Let others be happy to see you coming. And, listen to music and programs that get you going.

Drink in pleasing aromas. Place a small scented candle on your desk at work. You won’t even have to light it to enjoy its fragrance. Keep a scented lotion in your handbag and breathe in its fragrance as you rub it into your skin.

Enjoy good food. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Savor the flavors of a nourishing and satisfying dish. Learn to prepare it and gift someone else with the experience.

Be soft and touchable. Pamper your body.  Exfoliate and moisture your skin. Add feminine, flirty accessories to your wardrobe. Experiment with different fabrics and textures and enjoy discovering how they feel on your skin.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Get on with it!