New information can come from anywhere and anyone. Ultimately, it is your choice whether or not to absorb and act on it.

When deciding, always, always, always employ objectivity and skepticism.

    Both are virtues.

    virtue (n) an example of moral goodness or excellence.

    objectivity (n) a virtue; the ability to discern what is real without being biased by self-interest, exceptions rather than rules, fantasy, or emotion; the quality of being accurate and independent of individual perceptions.

    skepticism (n) a virtue; any questioning attitude, or degree of doubt regarding anything that is generally taken for granted; critical thinking based on the possibility of error due to lack of objectivity.

    Being objective and skeptical differ greatly from the outright ignoring or discrediting of information simply because you don’t like it. Objectivity and skepticism require intelligence and maturity. They also require an openness which is very feminine. A rigid or closed off attitude indicates ignorance at best.

    Ask how it benefits you to believe or not to believe.

    Ask how it benefits others if you believe or don’t believe.

    Keep yourself in the best possible light.