According to my grandma, this is one of the most important marks of a woman. And it’s true. A lady of the house is always prepared on the home front.

Stock up on products over time. This way, it’s inexpensive and convenient.

Simple tip – when you normally shop, instead of buying just one or two of an item, also buy one or two extras.

Of the foods that you already eat, are there canned versions? If so, stock up on these.  While maybe not as palatable as fresh, canned goods are a cheap and convenient way of storing food. Pay attention to the label and scrutinize the ingredients. There are tasty and healthy choices available.

For safety, never use cans that are leaking, bulging, cracked, discolored, or emit foul odors.


To start, place one item in your cupboard for use and the extras in storage. Make a note of the date of purchase so that you are reminded to use the item before it goes bad. Going forward, older items are for use and newer items are for storage. This way your storage always has the newest items.

This method works for other packaged goods as well. Think of the items that you use often – toothpaste, toilet paper, pasta, rice, etc.


  • store items that you are already familiar with (eliminate a learning curve)
  • shop sales and use coupons (saves unbelievable money)
  • maintain food storage variety (keeps meals balanced)
  • remember the condiments and spices
  • and don’t forget the pets

The result is that you “shop” from your storage rather than making trips to the supermarket. You end up shopping for what you want rather than immediate needs.