The saying “a woman’s place is in the home” is just wrong – on so many levels. It’s “a wife and mother’s priority is the home”. – one of my very astute grown man cousins

And if she doesn’t recognize it, there’s bound to be problems! – Grandma (said very pointedly to my much younger male cousins)

There was lots of agreement on that statement. It’s rare that anyone disagrees with Grandma anyway but this is just true.

And husband before children. – one my aunts.

Now we have Thanksgiving Day dissension 🙂

All of the men agreed, the long married women agreed, but almost none of the younger women agreed. Only the engaged one and the two in serious relationships even stuck around to listen to grown folks talk.

Oh well . . .

The soft-headed woman makes many poor decisions, because she fails to accept that children are passersby in her marriage and temporaries in husband’s castle. What Women Never Hear