1. Giving away freely that which feminine women and even prostitutes have the sense to place value on.
  2. Dressing and behaving as a whore with the expectation of being regarded as anything other than a whore.
  3. Being a doormat in the name of submitting. Clue: submission is born of genuine esteem for a man. Women do not esteem men who are less than they are (see #4) and therefore do not willingly submit to them.
  4. Entertaining males with potential (under achievers), criminals, and any other male of obviously low character.
  5. Willingness to suspend objectivity, discernment, and self respect.

desperation (n) recklessness arising from despair; the state of being desperate

desperate (adj) having lost all hope; driven by great need or distress; acting out of extreme urgency or as a last resort

Both men and women can sense desperation. Only those intent on exploitation are attracted by it. Everyone else is repulsed by it.

Be confident, worthy, and secure . . . because faking it just does not work.