No kiddie tree and adult tree for us. There is but one tree in our house.

This means that the children’s ornaments go on the tree with the grown up decorations. Therefore, no popsicle stick, q-tip or cotton ball, pipe cleaner type ornaments make it. That stuff is only cute to a child’s mother on the day the child makes it!

Our rule is that creations such as these go on display in the family room for as long as the Christmas tree stands. After that, they go into the School Year Box. This wonderful box holds each child’s artwork, projects, etc. for the school year. We label each gem and pack them neatly away where we can revisit them whenever we like 🙂

Drip Ornaments

adapted from


glass ball ornaments (cheap is fine)

acrylic craft paint

paint palette with wells or dishes to hold paint



ribbon for hangers

clear glaze spray suitable for glass

snow spray suitable for glass


Adult – Remove the hanger top from each ornament and set aside.

Adult – Place some paint in a dish or a palette. Add water so that the paint will drip down the ornament.

Adult – Either place the ornament upside on something stable (your thumb will do) or just hold it upside down while the child paints.

Child – Dip paintbrush into the watered down paint, picking up a generous amount. Place a dollop of paint on the very bottom (which is now the very top because it is upside down) of the ornament.  Turning the ornament, continue around alternating colors as you go.

Adult – After the child finishes, place the ornament aside and allow it to dry completely.

Adult – Once the ornaments are dry, replace the hanger tops and tie ribbon in place. Hang the ornaments and, in a well-ventilated area, spray with the clear glaze spray. Allow them dry to completely. For a snowy look, add spray snow before the clear glaze and allow to dry.