Awww, a brand new beautiful . . . year 🙂

In the spirit of newness and being open to the wonderful possibilities, put down the baggage and move forward.


There are no good men left. All men are dogs. Both statements are extreme. Both are negative. Neither is true. These statements indicate with whom the speaker has chosen to interact. It announces the speaker’s poor choices. Why advertise this? Move forward. Choose intelligently. Choose differently.

I don’t need a man. Perhaps not. How does announcing this present you in the best light? It doesn’t. It indicates an unflattering female approximation of masculinity. It reveals a toughness, a rigid, closed disposition, and an obstinate independence. It is the unfortunate mantra of a masculine female and therefore repellent to most males. Femininity is resilient, open, and interdependent. Move forward. Choose your lane wisely.

Men and women are equal (the same). Rule of law, equal rights, yes. General purposes, no. This belief has no root in reality and is a guarantee of continuous struggle, conflict, and probable failure. Women cannot naturally fertilize an egg. Men cannot naturally produce an egg or carry and birth a child.  Similarly, everyone cannot split an atom. It is what it is. Neither is better nor superior to the other. Move forward. Accept reality and embrace the difference.