Anyone will take what is free and easy. Yet, they generally only value what is earned.

A woman has the advantage BEFORE sex.

If he is only interested in sex, he will disappear when he doesn’t get what he wants. The advantage to her, she knows who he is quickly and little of her time or energy is wasted. The advantage to him, he knows who not to trifle with.

If he is interested in her, he will stick around and get to know who she is. This is greatly to her advantage. By being her feminine self and doing her part, she both shows and tells him what she expects from the man she ultimately chooses. Only per her acceptance of him does he get any closer. The advantage to him, feminine mystery and competition. He’s motivated to do what it takes to get her.

AFTER sex, the advantage shifts to him.

Hookups, booty calls, friends with benefits. The advantage to both, easy, convenient, and free sex. Both he and she are highly disposable as neither is any different from anyone else. Plus, she gets to behave like a male. He sees her as masculine and treats her without regard to her feelings or femininity. She doesn’t respect it, why should he?

Regular sex with no prior discussion, plan, or path toward a mutual commitment. The advantage to her, regular and convenient sex with the semblance of a relationship. The advantage to him, regular and convenient sex. She is somewhat disposable as she was fairly easy to get and, without a commitment, easy to keep.

As an aside, directly approaching or pursuing a man. The advantage to her, instant gratification. The advantage to him, her attention and time without working for it. She may be easy, desperate, or both. But why say no? If he got her attention so easily, he may not have to work for anything else.