Dressing to highlight your impeccable grooming, beauty, and careful attention to your appearance is seen as feminine. The result is pretty. You probably appreciate and enjoy your femininity. Positively attractive woman.

Dressing to showcase your fashion sense or impress other women is seen as neutral. The result is trendy or stylish. Your manner of dress ignores your femininity so you may be high-maintenance, immature, or masculine. Just a woman.

Dressing to attract male attention by revealing your body is seen as desperate, needy, or advertisement to attract business. The result is sexy. You are willing to exploit your female anatomy in dress and perhaps in other ways also. Negatively attractive (ex. car accident) woman.

Dressing for pure utility or comfort is seen as lazy. The result is negative. You don’t bother about your appearance, don’t expect or desire any attention, and so don’t receive any. Unattractive woman.

Without speaking, your appearance tells the world the type of woman who     you believe yourself to be.

You will be treated accordingly.

Choose wisely.