A feminine woman causes a man to feel more masculine simply because of the contrast between her femininity and his masculinity. He treats her gently and is protective of her. This is satisfying to both of them.

Women who are similar (i.e. loud, strong, independent) to men may receive admiration or respect from men . . . in the same way that men admire or respect other men. He may even see her as a better man than he is. (Not a good look).

Show true feminine strength.

Flaunt your natural grace. Speak in a peaceful but clear voice. Maintain a tasteful demeanor.

Be exquisite.

In relationships, accept only the men who meet and exceed your level of competence.

Selecting men who do not exceed your level competence either

  1. places you in the driver’s seat because you can never intelligently pass the reins to anyone you determine to be incapable. However, the driver’s seat is masculine. Or,
  2. reduces you because he leads, provides, etc. beneath your standard mode of operation. This is inauthentic and shows incredible weakness on your part.

Rather than tolerate this nonsense, simply keep it moving. There are plenty of capable fish in the sea for a feminine woman 🙂

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