Fear (n) an emotion caused by impending danger, evil, or pain; the condition of being afraid; self-defense mechanism; uncomfortable reminder of the inability to control everything.

Laziness (n) an aversion to any work, activity, or exertion; sloth; one of the seven deadly sins.

The Way of Self Sabotage

Acceptance of scarcity (rather than abundance)

Top 3 Signs:

Belief that instant gratification (a discernible personality flaw; shows poor impulse control; indicates limited emotional intelligence or immaturity) is a right.

Refusal to do the necessary work upfront to select a suitable mate and surprise or disappointment when the person abandons ship or is not what you desire at all. Attempts to change him literally scream that you have invested in someone whom you chose not to thoroughly screen.

Use of “he will have to accept me as I am” to excuse excess weight (not a plus to you AND unhealthy, unnatural, and unfeminine) and/or outright character flaws (not a plus to you AND unhealthy, unnatural, unfeminine).

further Acts of Desperation