The best of us know who we are. We know where we stand and what we stand for.

There are women who do not. They have a very narrow, if any, sense of identity. They are superficial. They must title themselves. They live in conflict or struggle. They are constantly overcoming. They perpetuate negative stereotypes.

And, I am not one of them.

Be clear.

Femininity is not superficial. It isn’t about fronts, props or performing parlor tricks.

It is about who you are. Inside. It is about quiet because there is no need to shout. It is about simply being you because there is no need to convince or prove anything to anyone. It is about standing on your square and not allowing anyone to push you off of it.

Know yourself. Respect yourself. Respect others. Be intelligent. Be humble. Be peaceful.

When femininity is real, it is recognized.

There are no shortcuts.