Being inquisitive is a good thing. It shows interest and an eagerness to learn.

To show an appreciation for something new or different is a good thing too. It also shows interest and an eagerness to learn. But more importantly, it shows a willingness to include all things deemed valuable.

Seeking validation from and blind loyalty to people, places, and things that do not show you direct favor or provide you direct benefit shows extreme desperation. It shows a lack of intelligence and a lack of self respect.

The world is watching. You show them how much you value yourself.

You have a mind. Speaking and acting without forethought causes you to appear unintelligent at best.

You have an identity. Siding with less than automatically causes you appear less than.

You have a culture. Putting on another culture, like a costume, causes you appear to be devoid of culture or without one of any value.

When you value yourself, you uplift your value.

You celebrate you.

And you always keep yourself in the best light.