For some of us, it is still cold outside. Wearing dresses and skirts in this kind of weather and keeping warm can be a challenge in itself. But it can be and is done. Keep in mind, there was a time when women only wore dresses.

Beyond the obvious sweaters and longer lengths and heavier fabrics in dresses and skirts, it is key that you wear

A Feminine Coat

This longer coat accentuates your waist. It can be belted, cinched, or fitted and preferably in any color other than black. It can be puffed out or slimming wool. As long as it shows off your waist, you’ll look like a girl 🙂

Warm Underwear

Depending on your preference, choose thermal, long, or simply layer undergarments. Try layering leggings, tights, or socks for extra warmth. Though not cheap, long silk underwear is an option. Not only is it not bulky, it’s warm and feels great on the skin.

Feminine Boots

You can’t lose with knee-high and heels (when feasible). The length helps to keep your legs warm and heels keep your feet above the cold ground. Think feminine not simply female. Avoid all uggly and female versions of male boots.

**For an extra touch, add a decorative pin or brooch to your feminine scarf or hat!