Men thrive on accomplishment.

No hero will go or stay where he is not needed.

Your education, career, car, and home are great accomplishments. What do they require of the superhero?


Your accomplishments are definite pluses for you. And pursuing or possessing them isn’t the issue.

Announcing and leading with them are.

Not only is this crass, it is

  1. a blatant show of self-sufficiency. No hero needed.
  2. a form of one-upmanship. Competition where there is room for only one hero.
  3. a cover for inadequate feminine qualities. Kryptonite!

Your accomplishments only directly benefit him if they complement what he brings to the table and he’s looking for a sidekick (rather than a damsel in distress).

I’m just sayin’ 🙂

But femininity is a definite plus for him. It is attractive, it invites hero services, and it shows validation of his worth.