low maturity + high innocence = unfavorable vulnerability

Pursues men to initiate or advance relationships, is impatient, overly sensual, believes exceptions to be rules (false reality) and so performs no real screening of men. Seen as an easy target, desperate or needy. Fail.

high maturity + low innocence = unfavorable vulnerability

Erects walls to intimacy, maintains baggage, rarely sensual, prefers pretense (perfection, infallibility) to reality and so performs a very rigid screening of men. Proclaims herself “a strong, black woman”. Seen as masculine or simply unattractive. Fail.

maturity + innocence = favorable vulnerability

Is present and fully open to life’s ups and downs, embraces her sensuality, takes responsibility for her life and so performs patient screening of men. Seen as worthy of respect, feminine, and attractive. Win.