Saying thank you is a necessary but common courtesy. There’s little investment. You do your part just by saying it. Nothing has to follow.

To reciprocate, however, invests in a relationship. It indicates interdependence. And in a romantic relationship, this is a very good thing. Reciprocation is circular.  When you return a favor, you tend to get more favors.


  1. Be present. In the moment, if you like, say so, show appreciation, extend a compliment, etc. In the moment, if you don’t like, discreetly show or voice your disapproval.
  2. If he is pursuing you, you are not the initiator. You reciprocate or not. This is how you show your approval or disapproval.
  3. Respond in kind, correspondent or equivalent. Avoid trying to ramp things up in order to produce a certain outcome (see #1 & #2).

Invest in Something Precious