Spring has finally sprung! My days of  doldrums and outright laziness are over. It’s time for new habits.

  1. Water. I could definitely drink more. + clears the skin, helps me keep my figure, and it’s healthy
  2. Walk. My workout has become so routine. Walking more and getting outside will be new and different. + fresh air, new sights, and it’s an easy workout
  3. Gratitude Journal. I have wanted to do this forever and there is no time like the present. + will help me to focus on the tangible positives
  4. Time Management. My name is Jackie and I am a procrastinator. + I’ll actually get some things accomplished!
  5. Punctuality. An ugly habit of being fashionably late to EVERYTHING is trying (rather successfully) to take root. This absolutely must go! + no negatives

To Do:

  • Dig up my old pedometer or buy a new one
  • Designate a journal for my thoughts
  • Learn to effectively use my calendar

I start Monday.

Wish me luck!