Harpy (n) from Greek mythology, “one that snatches”; a ravenous, filthy monster having the head and trunk of a woman and the wings and claws of a bird.

In current use, it refers to a nasty or annoying woman; a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman who destroys all that makes him what he is; she who snatches his soul.

  1. She is two-faced. She uses one for him and one for everyone else.
  2. When greeting him, she rarely says hello, how was your day, or glad to see you.
  3. With him, she is generous with complaints, demands, or whining in general.
  4. She insists, passively or aggressively, that he conform to her way.
  5. She infallible.
  6. She fully expects to be treated lovingly just because she exists.
  7. She is both argumentative and spiteful.
  8. She is both selfish and fiercely independent.
  9. She is generally uncooperative.
  10. She opts for a facade rather than actual femininity, elegance, or grace.

Dressing it up does not work. The result is simply a pretty harpy.

And harpies are repulsive . . . most especially to men!

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