(n) simple style, dignity, or elegance; the opposite of flashy or garish.

Class: How to Look the Part

  • Sparse make-up in neutral tones. Take care. The skin must be flawless to do this. The goal is the appearance of flawless, naked skin with subtle accents rather than a fully made up look.
  • Clothing is in subtle, tasteful colors. You don’t have to stick to neutrals.
  • Appropriate undergarments. Start with a good base. This just causes your outfit appear to be on purpose rather than without thought or consideration.
  • Hem lengths are never too high and necklines are never too low.
  • Fabrics are ironed and look sharp.
  • Shoes coordinate with the handbag. The two do not have to be the same color.
  • Clothing fits properly and appropriately.
  • With accessories, simple is best. Less is more.
  • Skip the skinny jeans and leggings as pants. Trendy maybe but never classy.
  • Brand names are not necessary but quality is easily recognizable. Opt for tailoring details, luxe fabrics such as cashmere, silks, and fine woolens.
  • Spend the money on quality shoes.
  • Practice posture and grace.
  • Maintain impeccable grooming.