A man’s greatest fear is insignificance. His sense of self-worth arises out of his accomplishments. They arise out of his need for self-admiration and primal belief that he can accomplish anything that he sets his mind to conquer. Men measure themselves and other men by accomplishments.
from What Women Never Hear

Simple translation: only he can create his significance.

significance (n) importance; consequence; the quality of being significant or having a meaning.

While either may occur as a result of significance, neither fame nor money equal significance. Be clear.

If he is insignificant, catching a catch implies significance. Unfortunately, she has accepted him in an unworthy state and he knows it. He will lose respect for her.

For the feminine woman, simply avoid insignificant men and most especially those who attempt to obtain significance through immoral and/or illegal means.

If he is significant, ultimately only a catch will do.

Be a catch!