“For the feminine woman, simply avoid insignificant men and most especially those who attempt to obtain significance through immoral and/or illegal means.”

Just had to quote you, staying away from insignificant men needs to be said over and over again. Thank you. – Sandy, comment on Yes, It’s That Simple

It warrants repeating. However, understanding is one thing. Behavior is another. Behavior must be consistent with solid values and morals.

consistent adj agreeing or accordant; constantly adhering to the same principles, course, form, etc.; not self-contradictory.

If you respect neither the person nor his intelligence, what do you care what he thinks? – me, Please Pick A Lane

It is inconsistent to announce lack of concern and then argue, show spite, or give attitude.

It is inconsistent to entertain a male with potential when you are seeking marriage.

It is inconsistent to claim intelligence, solid morals, and values then pitch in with someone simply because you share a high melanin content.

. . . I wish more of us realized that the way we behave is often linked to the way we are treated. Of course, this extends beyond relationships. I’m thinking of negative media images . . . – hgv, Telltale Signs of a Harpy

At best, this behavior shows desperation. At worst, lack of consistency shows instability.

People generally ridicule, fear, and/or avoid those who are desperate or unstable.

*For clarity regarding significance, see A Sharp Dressed Man, Roles, or A Feminine Manner.