I did pretty good this week until it started to rain. And yes, I will be blaming my lack of steps on the rain 🙂

1. Water

Goal: to drink a healthy amount of water every day. Rule of thumb: body weight divided in half is the amount of water, in ounces, that the body requires daily.

This week: I will add 1 cup of tea in the morning and 1 after dinner.

Result: I’m almost there! I missed only 2 after dinner teas. I’m going to stick with this goal for the remainder of the challenge as I don’t need to add any more water to what I already drink.

2. Walking

Goal: to take the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

This week: Add more steps.

Result: I did park further away, took walks at lunch, and after work and still haven’t come close to 10,000. I must admit, the first day that it rained, I lounged. But the second day, I shopped and walked for hours. That was a good day in oh so many ways! But I digress. I only walked after work or at lunch on some days not everyday and I didn’t wear my pedometer on Monday.  My average steps this week was 3221. I didn’t do so great at walking this week 😦  And, unfortunately, the forecast is rain all week. I need some creative ideas for adding more steps inside.

3. Gratitude Journal

Goal: to maintain a healthy, happy, positive outlook.

This week: Before bed, I will list 5 things that I’m grateful about for that day.

Result: I did this for a total of 6 days! Some of it is on my phone, some in my journal, and some in both places but it’s done. Yay me! Shooting for 7 days this week.

4. Time Management

Goal: to be more organized and finish projects timely.

This week: I will list 5 things that I want to accomplish this week and schedule one per day with a time to start and finish the task.

Result: I finished all 4 tasks from last week and it didn’t even take that long.Why was I procrastinating? To be safe, I’m not adding any more this week. This week, I will complete 5 more tasks.

5. Punctuality

Goal: to be punctual as a matter of course.

This week: I will schedule my time and stick to it.

Result: I was on time everyday except one. And I was early a couple of times!  I will attempt this step again this week as I want to be early rather than on the dot.