My challenge is over!

1. Water

Goal: to drink a healthy amount of water every day. Rule of thumb: body weight divided in half is the amount of water, in ounces, that the body requires daily.

Final result: I am now drinking a healthy amount of water during the week. On the weekends, things fall apart. There are so many distractions especially now that the weather is warm. Unfortunately, I can feel the difference. I don’t feel optimal. I will definitely continue to work on this.

2. Walking

Goal: to take the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

Final result: FAIL! 🙂 I have tried everything that I can think of and I cannot do 10,000 steps per day. I have found that I enjoy trying to take more steps than the day before. So I’ll continue to take walks, park further away, make hourly laps around the office, etc. I may just reach 10,000 steps yet!

3. Gratitude Journal

Goal: to maintain a healthy, happy, positive outlook.

Final result: I list my 5 things about 3-4 times a week. To me, this habit did not stick and I so want it to.

I’m going to schedule it! I seem to be doing okay with time management.

4. Time Management

Goal: to be more organized and finish projects timely.

Final result: Over the course of a month, I finished quite a few projects. Of course this made room for new ones but that’s okay. I like this habit. I think it stuck.

5. Punctuality

Goal: to be punctual as a matter of course.

Final result: I was on time about 90% of time last week. I want to be early. I’ve made progress but this habit needs more time to stick. I’ll definitely keep working at it.

Overall, I think that I did a pretty good job.

I’m certainly better off than when I started!