I’m back from a lovely, peaceful vacation! Having spent good quality time with family and friends, I am well rested and ready to get back into the swing of things.

Unfortunately, reality appeared sooner rather than later. On the way home, I saw a bumper sticker:

A woman needs only two things in life . . . a horse to make her feel beautiful, and a jackass to pay for it all!


So the man who would grant you your dream is a jackass.

Vacation over.

My first thought was that this car owner must be lesbian. And one who really dislikes men.

Only a woman who has no need, desire, or love for any male would so publicly display such an attitude.

But reality points squarely at harpy.

And I remembered why I even started this blog. I needed to remind myself of who I am. And who I am not. I need reminders because there are so many harpies and their attitude is so prevalent.

Ignorance is defined as a lack of knowledge. If a woman doesn’t know that she is heterosexual, she lacks knowledge of self. On that particular aspect, she is ignorant. Know thyself.

Stupidity is defined as possessing knowledge yet behaving as if ignorant. If a woman knows she is heterosexual and displays outright disrespect for men, she is stupid. Check your lane.