Growing up, it was pretty clear, based solely on dress and deportment, who the “working girls”, the cheap chicks, and the normal women were.

Times have changed. What looks like, walks like, and acts like a duck is still a duck but prefers not to be deemed a duck.


Unfortunately, women who miss the Class vs. Trash lesson, emulate what gets attention.

And train wrecks do get attention.

People are visual. The eyes constantly gather information. This is a good thing. The more information you take in, the better able you are to draw a reasonable conclusion. And people generally do make logical conclusions based on what they see.

So, if you look like, walk like, and act like a trashy female, you will be deemed a trashy female.

Too much cleavage, hemlines too high, clothing too tight, colors too loud, big, visible tattoos (masculine), AND strappy platform stilettos – too much. It’s all too much. And overcompensation screams insecurity.

The only time overcompensation does not point directly at insecurity, is when the woman is “working” or just plain cheap.

Draw your own lines. Base them on reality rather than what you wish or perfect worlds that do not exist.