She is sending a message to girls everywhere, particularly girls of color who may feel like they don’t have a lot of options, that you can earn your own money, enter a relationship with a man because you want to not because you financially need to, and when he’s shown you he’s deserving, you can give him the privilege of making a lifetime commitment to you and then you will give him the gift of a child. Not only when you both feel ready to do it but when you know you’re both ready to be the best parents you can be. – Keli Goff, Why Policymakers Should Rejoice at News of Beyonce’s Pregnancy

Unless, God forbid, you are raped,

YOU choose who YOU reproduce and when YOU reproduce.

Life is not a fairytale nor does it follow fairy tales.

Reality is what YOU make it.

Given the known consequences, how could anyone intelligently not

Aim high