Fall is coming and I’m bored with the gym. I am still walking but the falling temps will slow that down soon enough.

On the lookout for workout alternatives, I have some interesting finds 🙂

Yoga or Pilates – forms range from gentle to more vigorous workouts; reduces stress; builds overall strength, flexibility, and improves posture; develops core; can burn a lot of calories.

Hula Hoops – adds variety and a little fun to a workout; is great for the core; is considered low-intensity for most; light hoops cause you expend more energy and so are better for aerobic exercise; weighted hoops move slower allowing you to work out longer and burn calories. Cinch that waist!

Belly Dance – develops feminine grace; improves posture and overall muscle tone most especially the abdominals; depending on intensity, can burn a pretty decent amount of calories.

Burlesque – adds spice and boosts confidence; includes lots of stretching for increased flexibility; corrects posture; promotes core stability; and is considered low intensity. Now this looks fun!