A good hostess is

  1. Comfortable. She sets the mood for the party and so is light-hearted, relaxed, and sociable. Her space is open, welcoming, and festive. Food and drink are located in a way that encourage guests to move throughout the room(s). And there are adequate seating and surfaces to rest glasses and plates.
  2. Ready. She has double checked the details. Every space a guest may visit is spotless and supplied. Extra necessities are tucked neatly away in convenient locations. She is dressed and prepared to receive guests at least an hour early.
  3. Hospitable. Her guests are made to feel special. She greets everyone personally, points out where everything is located, and makes introductions. It is important that each guest is comfortable and engaged.
  4. A member of the party. She does a fine job of replenishing food, drink, etc. and tidying up. She also takes deep breaths, remembers that this is actually fun, and she thoroughly enjoys herself.