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The Miller, His Son, and Their Ass

A MILLER and his son were driving their Ass to a neighboring fair to sell him.

They had not gone far when they met with a troop of women collected round a well, talking and laughing. “Look there,” cried one of them, “did you ever see such fellows, to be trudging along the road on foot when they might ride?’ The old man hearing this, quickly made his son mount the Ass, and continued to walk along merrily by his side.

Presently they came up to a group of old men in earnest debate. “There,” said one of them, “it proves what I was a-saying. What respect is shown to old age in these days? Do you see that idle lad riding while his old father has to walk? Get down, you young scapegrace, and let the old man rest his weary limbs.” Upon this the old man made his son dismount, and got up himself.

In this manner they had not proceeded far when they met a company of women and children: “Why, you lazy old fellow,” cried several tongues at once, “how can you ride upon the beast, while that poor little lad there can hardly keep pace by the side of you?’ The good-natured Miller immediately took up his son behind him.

They had now almost reached the town. “Pray, honest friend,” said a citizen, “is that Ass your own?’ “Yes,” replied the old man. “O, one would not have thought so,” said the other, “by the way you load him. Why, you two fellows are better able to carry the poor beast than he you.” “Anything to please you,” said the old man; “we can but try.”

So, alighting with his son, they tied the legs of the Ass together and with the help of a pole endeavored to carry him on their shoulders over a bridge near the entrance to the town. This entertaining sight brought the people in crowds to laugh at it, till the Ass, not liking the noise nor the strange handling that he was subject to, broke the cords that bound him and, tumbling off the pole, fell into the river.

Upon this, the old man, vexed and ashamed, made the best of his way home again, convinced that by endeavoring to please everybody he had pleased nobody, and lost his Ass in the bargain.

Moral: Try to please all and you will please none.

When you know your own voice and use it, you will put people off even if that is truly not your intent.

You must choose. Do you prefer to speak your truth or to make lots of friends?

Hint: speaking your truth will garner you like-minded friends. These are diamonds and absolutely the best kind 🙂

adapted by Suzan-Lori Parks and Diedre L. Murray

written by Katori Hall

written by Lydia R. Diamond

Behind the scenes is looking pretty awesome this season 🙂

For me friendships are important, family is important, and it is a blessing if we can have monetary benefits. That’s wonderful, and I love it. But I have to have the security of people who really care about me, and me about them. I want to be surrounded by people who have integrity. – Camille Cosby

Survival needs are those things that you need to continue living. Survival needs are not based on having what the next person has.

Be clear.

One is need. One is greed.

What is your culture?

If it does not uplift you,

If it provides comfort to those who are less than,

If it encourages, supports, or excuses wrongdoing,

that “culture” does not belong to you.

Be careful of what you accept, excuse, and defend. You transmit culture.

You are a reflection.

To the mirror. To your children. To any and every one who comes in contact with you.

Your choices matter.

Aim high.

Pursue excellence.

Be exquisite.

Relevance: Excellence II

Your choices matter.


This problem was due to human error. However, the cause is not the point. 

Charity is a gift. A generous act. Something to be thankful for.

It is not something to be expected or depended on. Nor is it owed.

A sense of entitlement to charity is a precarious lifestyle choice.

Especially in this economy.

Again, stupid (or burying your head in the sand) won’t save you. And neither will a financially destitute government. – me, comment on Do the Work

From a solid base, formulate and live a viable plan.

And always have a plan B.

Given current circumstances, I’d suggest a plan C and D.

Do you bring sunshine, light, and grace to others?


Do people hate to see you coming?

Being happy and positive 100% of the time is unrealistic. But is it really anyone’s business that you’re not having a great day?

Especially when that is not a good look.

Being pleasant does not require bending over backward for non-reciprocating others, dismissing slights or outright personal attacks, or defending poor choices or wrong doing. In fact, each of these examples is a blatant show of weakness.

A pleasant demeanor, at the very least, does require that you do nothing to negatively affect others simply by having been in your presence.

At its best, a pleasant demeanor lifts the spirits of those around you.

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but, scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable. – Joseph Addison

She is sending a message to girls everywhere, particularly girls of color who may feel like they don’t have a lot of options, that you can earn your own money, enter a relationship with a man because you want to not because you financially need to, and when he’s shown you he’s deserving, you can give him the privilege of making a lifetime commitment to you and then you will give him the gift of a child. Not only when you both feel ready to do it but when you know you’re both ready to be the best parents you can be. – Keli Goff, Why Policymakers Should Rejoice at News of Beyonce’s Pregnancy

Unless, God forbid, you are raped,

YOU choose who YOU reproduce and when YOU reproduce.

Life is not a fairytale nor does it follow fairy tales.

Reality is what YOU make it.

Given the known consequences, how could anyone intelligently not

Aim high